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Why book Sandy?

"Engaging, relevant, dynamic...  I could go on for awhile!  Sandy left quite an impression.  Multiple times after her talk I heard staff members say, "Sandy is the best speaker we have ever had in my twenty plus years in education."

-Steve Bouldin, Newport High School Principal

"Sandy's relatability as a mom, as a person who struggles like the rest of us, who has fought to overcome her past, were all pieces that kept the audience engaged and interested in learning more. Sandy is authentic and her life story of overcoming trauma is inspiring. I found myself cheering loudly for her and so badly wanting a win for her!"

-Sherri Lynch, Gonzaga University

"Three words I would use to describe Sandy is energetic, inspiring, and positive.  Her story of hard work, determination, and success is outstanding.  Sandy's unique perspective makes her stand out compared to other speakers.  I would absolutely recommend Sandy as a speaker, her energy and excitement is top-notch and her story in an inspirational one." 

-Thomas Lawson, SHAPE America

"One thing that really stood out about Sandy as a speaker is that she uses her own lived experiences and stories in her talks and it all came together for the perfect message.  Sandy also took the time to meet and talk to our guests which provided an extra layer of compassion and personal touch that people won't soon forget." 

-Maria McConnaughey, SNAP Philanthropy Manager

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