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American Ninja Warrior

In the summer of 2015, by chance, Sandy's oldest son Brett saw a clip of American Ninja Warrior while channel surfing.  He said to his mom, "What's that?!"  to which Sandy turned and looked to see Season 7 of NBC's hit show American Ninja Warrior on the screen.  Immediately, she was drawn in and eventually decided to apply.  In May of 2016, Sandy got what ANW competitors affectionately refer to as "THE CALL".  Producers selected Sandy to compete on Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior and thus began her ANW journey that still continues strong today.

ANW History

7 Time ANW Competitor

Season 8, 9, 11, 12,

13, 14 and 15

Family Special

2 X Couples Special

3 X Women's Championship 

First Buzzer

Despite five years of setback, failure, and injuries Sandy became the first mom ever to complete the course and hit the buzzer on ANW

ANW Sandy Buzzer.jpg
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